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Republicans Play Fear With Immigration

Republican Bigotry Likely To Give Democrats The Presidency Again

By J. Noel Espinoza/Rio Grande Info


The intolerance from Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and most of the other Republican contenders for the presidential nomination of the GOP likely will give Democrats the benefit to reach that large segment of the American public that don’t see undocumented immigrants as a threat to the nation.

Historically, immigrants have been a scapegoat during elections, especially used by those who see themselves superiors and like to blame them for whatever apparent ills in the country.

A metal wall built along Matamoros and Brownsville hasn't stopped undocumented immigration to the United States.

A metal wall built along Matamoros and Brownsville hasn’t stopped undocumented immigration to the United States.

I won’t even discuss Trump’s motives since his bigotry is so obvious.

Some, like Ted Cruz, whose father took advantage of the benefits from America’s willingness to accept refugees from Cuba, go as far as to deny the same advantages to other less fortunate people.

Even now, Cubans are immediately received at U.S. shores or borders and obtain permanent U.S. residence with relative ease. It’s the reason why something similar is happening now in Central America where hundreds of Cubans are trying to reach the U.S.

Republicans’ demagoguery and lack of compassion could be their own grave in the next presidential elections. We hardly hear them talking about the issues or President Obama’s policies.

It’s easier for Republicans to blame the undocumented immigrants and to propose to build a wall along the US-Mexico border.

It’s most likely that Republican supporters are the ones who benefit the most from the exploitation of the undocumented immigrant. It’s above all hypocrisy, equally like the one Cruz’s preaches.

It’s difficult for Latinos to understand when other Hispanics like the Cuban-Americans running for president join the bandwagon. We know they had it easier with the U.S. policy giving them especial treatment, but Marco Rubio and Cruz still show disdain for the majority of the immigrants who usually want the same thing they got, the opportunity to give their families a better future .

It’s the reason, except by many Cuban-Americans, why a large majority of Hispanic voters still favor the Democratic Party. And why most likely the next president will be another Democrat and perhaps the first woman president.

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