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Trump’s Whining Beyond Repair

By J. Noel Espinoza/RioGrandeInfo


Donald Trump likes to claim that whining makes him a winner, but it seems that his own medicine in business is backfiring on his political campaign to reach the presidency of the United States.

In the third and final debate Wednesday, the business mogul and former tv showman refused to say that he will accept the results of the Nov. 8 presidential election.

The following day, he declared that he will accept the results, “if I win.”

Donald Trump on the podium making a familiar face.

Donald Trump on the podium making a familiar face.

It’s obvious that when things don’t go his way Mr. Trump always whine that the system is rigged or will claim some sort of fraud being perpetuated against him.

“I’ll keep you in suspense,” Trump said after being asked whether he will concede defeat if he loses.

“You are the puppet,” he rebutted Clinton after she said that is what he will become to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Nasty woman,” Trump retorted near the end of the debate.

Mr. Trump doesn’t sound presidential at all, but looks more like a kindergarten bully or someone born, like former Texas Gov. Ann Richards would say, with a silver spoon in his mouth.

At the beginning of his campaign when everything seemed to go his way, Trump will delight his audiences with how a great statesman he could be without having much political experience. Now that most of the country knows what he really is, he’s not taking pleasure when he’s reminded of all his shortcomings.

It’s amazing that while most entrepreneurs would try to be honest and direct to succeed, Trump has made his fortune complaining, whining, and suing people and the government to get what he wants.

Instead of answering questions the way most politicians would try to do, Mr. Trump has made whining the dose of his own defeat.

Now that he sees Clinton will likely win, his whining has gone beyond repair.

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