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Adolecente Indocumentada Detenida En Brownsville Se Somete A Un Aborto

Publicado 10-25-2017                                          Corte Federal de Apelaciones Da El Visto Bueno Por J. Noel Espinoza/RioGrandeInfo Después de continuas apelaciones en corte, una adolecente indocumentada de 17 años termino su embarazo este miércoles, lo cual dio una victoria para los defensores de los derechos del aborto en contra de la administración del presidente Trump que ha tomado una política más estricta en lo relacionado. Identificada con el alias de Jane Doe enRead More

Undocumented Teen Detained In Brownsville Undergoes Abortion

Published 10-25-2017                Federal Appeals Courts Gives OK By J. Noel Espinoza/RioGrandeInfo After a series of appeals in court, a 17-year-old undocumented immigrant ended her pregnancy Wednesday, a victory for abortion rights advocates against the Trump administration’s new stricter policies. Identified as Jane Doe in court, the teenager has been detained in a government-funded shelter in Brownsville run by a private contractor. She has been seeking an abortion since September. “Justice prevailed today for Jane Doe,” said Brigitte Amiri, senior staff attorney with theRead More

Empiezan Elecciones Tempranas Para Enmiendas Constitucionales del Estado

Publicado Oct. 25, 2017 RioGrandeInfo Elecciones Serán El 7 de Noviembre Elecciones Tempranas Terminan El 3 de Noviembre (PROPUESTA NÚMERO 1 DEL ESTADO DE TEJAS) (“Se propone una enmienda constitucional que autoriza a la legislatura a ofrecer una exención del impuesto ad valorem de una parte del valor de mercado de la residencia principal de un veterano parcialmente discapacitado o del cónyuge sobreviviente de un veterano parcialmente discapacitado, si la residencia principal fue donada al veterano discapacitado por una organización benéfica por menos del valor de mercado de la residenciaRead More


Published 10-25-2017   RioGrandeInfo Locations and Constitutional Amendments on  the Nov. 7 Ballot Early Voting Ends Nov. 3. STATE OF TEXAS PROPOSITION  1 “Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to provide for an exemption from ad valorem taxation of part of the market value of the residence homestead of a partially disabled veteran or the surviving spouse of a partially disabled veteran if the residence homestead was donated to the disabled veteran by a charitable organization for less than the market value of the residence homestead and harmonizing certain relatedRead More

Brownsville Atrapada En Corrupción, Racismo, y Compadrismo

Published 10-21-2017 Antiguo Jefe De Bomberos Carlos Elizondo Acusado De Robo Por J. Noel Espinoza/RioGrandeInfo Cuando Carlos Elizondo fue designado jefe de bomberos de Brownsville el año pasado, el antiguo administrador de la ciudad Charles Cabler lo aprobó y elogio entre un par de docenas de candidatos que compitieron para el puesto. “La responsabilidad cae en mi para tomar esta decisión y pienso que en este momento he seleccionado al mejor candidato posible,” dijo Cabler, quien renunció la semana pasada en medio de un escándalo de corrupción y compadrismo. ElRead More

Brownsville Mired By Corruption, Racism, and Compadrismo

Published Thursday, 19, 2017 Former Fire Chief Carlos Elizondo Indicted By J. Noel Espinoza/RioGrandeInfo When Carlos Elizondo was appointed Brownsville fire chief last year, former City Manager Charles Cabler vetted him as the best candidate among a couple of dozen applicants who made a bid for the position. “The burden falls on me to make the ultimate call and I felt that I have selected the best possible candidate at this time,” said Cabler, who resigned last week amidst a scandal of corruption and compadrismo, roughly translated as cronyism. OnRead More

APPNA Event Provides Health Care Free Of Charge

By J. Noel Espinoza/RioGrandeInfo   Hundreds of Brownsville residents gathered Saturday at Linear Park for a second annual event that provides free health care checkups, food, and entertainment to people in the city. Sponsored by the Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America(APPNA), the event is now part of a new worldwide movement known as the Charter for Compassion, a document that urges people and religions to embrace the value of compassion. “The reason behind this is to reach people who don’t have health care and who hasn’tRead More

Family Wants Justice In Police Killing of 31-Year-Old Man

By J. Noel Espinoza/RioGrandeInfo Norma Melendez cries when she recalls the morning her nephew German Ornelas was killed by Brownsville police at their second-floor apartment on the corner of 1st and St. Charles streets. Melendez, who has relatives living next to her in the same apartment complex, says police didn’t have an arrest warrant when they broke into the house while her nephew was sleeping on a green couch in the small living room.   “They knocked on the door and then broke into with their guns drawn,” Melendez said.Read More

Amazing Photographers in the Rio Grande Valley

By J. Noel Espinoza/ explores some of the great photographers from the valley, who have an eye for the visual and the determination to create wonderful aesthetic art. Alex Burrows, a former photojournalist for local television stations and teacher, is one of them. You can see more photos of Alex at Alex Burrows Photography.

Exploring South Texas Nature at Los Encinos Ranch

By J. Noel Espinoza/ Not too far from the Rio Grande Valley, we can discover a beautiful South Texas landscape, nestled with thousands of live oaks and different types of deer and other exotic species. Located about 15 miles south of Falfurrias, about an hour north of McAllen on Highway 281, Los Encinos is known by its rolling hills, green pastures, and its abundant wildlife. The ranch, owned by Paul and Sylvia Johnson, is 2680 acres and it’s next to King Ranch in Brooks County. It is also knownRead More